Monochrome Owl

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Inspired by classic children's story books, this exclusive range by UK artist and designer Sara Lowes, celebrates the original pencil-to-paper illustrations from the Animalesque sketchbook.

Printed in charcoal grey on natural, sustainably sourced textile scraps that would otherwise be discarded, these favourite woodland characters leap from the page and invite you to bring your own tales to life. 

The Monochrome Collection is dedicated to using organic cottons, and/or surplus materials from the costume and fashion industry, carefully chosen for their quality and ethos. 


The original Animalesque owl illustration is screen-printed and handmade with organic cottons.

Children will enjoy the magic of dressing up and imaginary play whilst developing important skills such as enhancing cognitive abilities and language/noise exploration through imitation of their chosen totem animal. 

Embellished with tufts of torn silk, chiffon and organza in different shades of grey and securable with grosgrain ribbon, these special creatures are sure to become heirloom treasures long after the playing is done. 

Includes a calico storage bag. 


This headdress ties around your head with cotton grosgrain ribbons, making it adjustable to fit all head sizes including adults!

Headdress piece 13cmx12cm

Silk Tufts 6x8cm

Ribbon length is 50cm