Alaska and Her Magical Words, Kyree Harvey

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Alaska has a superpower; she uses magical words to help her through the day. When Alaska is confronted with difficult obstacles or overwhelmed with big emotions, she recites her 6 magical words and they encourage self-love and positivity. 

She wants to teach all other children her superpower too. Alaska wants to help you overcome daily obstacles and encourage self love with her easy to understand affirmations. 

A special set of magical affirmation cards are hidden within the book. 

With the help of Alaska and Her Magical Words, encourage your child to feel positive, capable, independent and loved EVERY DAY. Inspire their growing minds with powerful affirmations as part of their daily routine. Let your creative little sponge, soak up all the positivity and watch them flourish.


  • 30 page book.
  • Hard cover.
  • Special gold embossed detailing on the cover.
  • Set of affirmation cards to compliment the storyline.
  • Limited edition - a set of fun and reusable affirmation stickers.
  • Limited edition - a special cover that wraps around the book to keep it safe. On the back of this cover is a colouring in drawing to help encourage your child's creativity.


Over the past decade, Kyree Harvey has created a loving social media empire. She is known for supporting small businesses, showing us her life hacks and has taken us on a journey through all her ever-changing seasons.

Miss Kyree Loves started as a creative outlet and transformed into a thriving honest brand. Her loyal community and online family flourishes every year.

Kyree now has something magical to share with you, her loving family and community. A magical children’s book she can truly call her own. 

Format: Hardback

Age: 3-12years